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Rhythm Flashcard Kits

I LOVE to use flashcards with my kids. I bought a set a couple years ago, but it didn't have all the rhythms I need for my songs, so with the help of MusicEd Font, I've started making my own. That way I can also have repeats of patterns if I want to put the flashcards up for the whole song.  I have put my first four sets up for sale on my TPT store:

ta and titi

ta rest

ta-a (half note)

tika-tika (sixteenth notes)

Eventually I will get all our rhythm cards up there and create a rhythm flashcard bundle, but that may be a ways away still.

Here are some of the ways I use rhythm flashcards in my room:

My set includes stick notation without note heads and quarter rest appearing as "Z" as well as a set with note  heads and quarter rest appearing normally. I personally use without note heads.

Here are a few examples from each set:

If you download these, please leave feedback for me and let me know if you come across a pattern that I have missed so that I can update the file!


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