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Johnny's It: Prepare. Present and Practice la

My kids love to play the game of "Johnny's It". It can be found in the American Methodology and goes like this:

This a great opportunity for solo singing, especially since they have to sing before they get to be "Johnny". I have used this one for assessment in my class. I find I do songs for solo singing a lot, but I need to document how they are doing more often so that I can really track improvement. 

Here are some slides that I created to aid my visual learners and to connect the game to our new concept, la.
Steady beat:
Rhythm icons:
Rhythm stick notation:
Melodic contour icons:

 I bought these clip art houses from Etsy store:
I think they are so cute!


I have also included a worksheet where they can practice writing the second phrase (which contains so mi and la) on the staff in two different places so that la is on a line and on a space.

The slides and worsheet are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: 

Hoping to get some more "la" things posted over the next few weeks!
What are your favorite songs/activities for preparing, presenting or practicing la?


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