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Frog in the Meadow

Since this is only my second year at my school and solfege was a brand new thing for my kids, I started with Feierabend's Coversational Solfege approach which starts out older beginners with d-r-m instead of s-m-l.

I was on the lookout for songs that are just d-r-m for my older beginners. Frog in the Meadow is a fun song for them. I have created the slides for this song and have included slides where "re" is the unknown/new concept so that I can use in the future with  my kids who will follow the traditional Kodaly sequence or for others who would like them.

Slides and flashcards are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers store

Steady beat:

Rhythm icons:
 Rhythm- stick notation:
Pitch icons

Then I repeat these slides with the solfege underneith with a ? for re.

Then we put them on the staff:

After re is introduced, we re it with icons:

Then I take away the solfege:

After we are pretty successful, they become "real" notes". We read in both f do and g do:

Take the solfege out of the notes and we are reading like real musicians!

 I also made these flashcards that can be laminated and cut on the line. You can use these to practice reading the pitches, put the song in order, etc.

This version of Frog in the Meadow is taken from "Sail Away". I have seen other versions of it that use ti-tiri.

There is a leap frog game that goes with this song.


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  1. These slides help me to see the progression of teaching non-traditional which leads to traditional notation. About how long does it take students to go through this progression and get to "standard" notation? If they have had good foundations in previous grades, what grade level do you start introducing solfege and staff notation? (I'm a beginner)?
    The Learning Metamorphosis