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Organize Your Kodaly Binder!

Once I finish my Level 3 training I can't wait to organize my binder in a way that is more friendly for me. I would love to organize my song collection by concept. I have made these binder covers and dividers to help with the organization of my Folk Song Collection.

Binder Cover:
 I have made dividers for each rhythm concept:

 As well as each pitch concept:

 And my kindergarten concepts:

These are just a sampling of my dividers. The whole file is for sale on my TPT page:
Both the PDF and Document in Publisher are available. If you would like the one in publisher, you must have MusicEd Font downloaded on your computer to be able to read the notation font or hand signs. If you don't have the font, you will still be able to see the notation and hand signs if you download the PDF!

I also have the option to organize songs, concepts and lesson plans by grade level with these downloads:

Background by: Blair Turner
Frames by:
Purchase Music Ed font here:

SALE: If you buy the Concept Organizers, send me an email to and I will send you the grade level set for free!

Happy Organizing!


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