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Higher Than a House: Fun with High and Low

My kids love this song for preparing High/Low! I learned this song in my Level 1 Training.

I use these slides and we add high movement for the words "Higher than a house, higher than a tree" and a low movement for "underneath the water, underneath the sea".

Then on which one could it be, I sing either do or do' and a picture of a high or low thing is showed. The kids plop down or create a low action for if they think it is a picture of something that lives below the sea. They make a high motion if they think it is something that would be higher than a house.

My slides look like this:

 Then I have two pages that I print out, laminate and glue magnets to and the kids get to manipulate them by sorting or placing a high one up when they hear the high sound.

 The whole pdf is available for download at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

1 comment:

  1. I am just getting to this song with my classes this week and this blog post was so helpful! Thank you! :)