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For preparing and practicing high/low and so-mi I love to find songs that are just so mi. This one makes me think of lemonade stands in the springtime and warmer weather that we sometimes see amid our snow days here in Kansas. This song can be found in the blue "Sail Away" book which is a GREAT resource full of fabulous folk songs for teaching all our core concepts.

Lyrics with icons:

Labeling icons as "high" or "low":

And then as so- mi:

The rhythms for this song are all ta and titi, but I don't usually focus on rhythm with this one because there are an odd number of measures and it just seems weird, but you could use it for long/short or ta/ titi if you wanted to.

I really do think that it lends itself well to high/low and so/mi though and so I have also made the following manipulatives to extend play with it.

so- mi flashcards to practice reading or composing our own songs. I print these cut on line and laminate.

Tone ladders. You could have one of these for each kid, work in partners, or just one that you use.

Student composition worksheets for high/low and so-mi.

Everything in this packet is available on my TPT store:

Please follow me and rate my products on TPT and feel free to contact me with questions about any of my items, lessons or songs at


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