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Beat Charts

My kids love to help me keep the beat, whether it is projected on our Mimio board or on individual student beat sheets.

Whenever we are using the beat charts on the board, I like to mix up the icons used for the beat charts and the pointers just to keep it fresh. This is one of those "find 100 ways to do the same thing". My favorite pointer is a light up Halloween pointer (about the size of a light sabor... which makes me think I need to find a light sabor and purchase Amy Abbot's Rhythm Wars!)

I'll try to get some pictures up after spring break of my fun pointers!

I have added some of the beat charts I use in my classroom. These could be used projected onto your whiteboard, or printed for individual or partner use on cardstock. Anything I print, I always laminate so that it lasts me forever! Beat charts are a good way for me to prepare steady beat through icons, and once we have labeled steady beat, they are a great way for me to practice and assess individually.

My beat chart sets is available on my TPT store:

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