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Ickle Ockle: a song for ta rest or la

This song is perfect for my kiddos. I pull it out first when preparing ta rest. When creating my slides for the songs I always include slides that work specifically for preparing, presenting or practicing a concept. That gives me the flexibility to use it however I want. When deciding which song I am going to use to "present" a concept, I always pick one they know and sing well. So it may not be the same one every year. This year I used "Naughty Kitty Cat" to present ta rest but I used this song in the prepare and practice stage and can pull it back out when we get to la. Sometimes I focus just of the rhythm aspect of the song or pitch aspect of that song depending on the grade level. Since this song contains just so, mi and la and ta, titi and z, it is great for rhythm or pitch use. 

Game: Students are standing in a circle with partners in promenade hold. One student (or the teacher) is in the middle of the circle. During the song, partners walk clockwise. After "please choose me" all players must drop hands and quickly find a new partner. But here's the catch: the person in the middle is going to try to steal someone's partner so that they don't have to be in the middle anymore. If they are successful, a new person will be "it" in the middle and the game will start over. If they are not successful, they are still "it" and the game repeats. It is a lot of fun for the kids! You just have to really emphasize that they do not want to be it, and that if someone wants to be their partner, you need to go with them. 

Examples of preparation slides for rhythm:

I always start out with steady beat-

 Then move to rhythmic icons:

 Show known rhythms and new mystery rhythm:

Presentation slides: 

 I also include slides like this on my TpT PDF in case a teacher labels it differently they can still use this:

I actually show my kids both ways of making the ta rest, but I just say that one is kind of tricky so it's ok to use "Z", but a lot of times they like to use the "fancy" version, so I let them.

Melodic preparation slides:

Presentation slides: 

Solfa Street:

Practice slides: 

Finally we read with standard noation:

I usually write it out in F do and G do so kids can practicing seeing the new note on both lines and spaces.

A few extras:

Iconic flashcards without solfege:

 Iconic flashcards with solfege:

 Rhythm stick with solfa flashcards:

Hope those of you who are on Spring Break are enjoying your last day! I go back to school tomorrow.


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  1. Lindsay, I LOVE This set of slides! My kids love to see what the fish are doing next. Is it possible to fix slides 46-49? They are out of order and it really confuses them after we've sung the song multiple times. Thank you for the great resources on your blog and through TpT.