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Rhythm Flashcard Mega Set

 This set contains rhythm patterns for Kodaly Level 1 and 2 concepts:
- ta and titi
- ta rest
- half note
- sixteenth notes (tika-tika, or whatever your rhythm language calls it)
- ti-tika
This set contains well over  200 flashcards that you can print on card stock in white or color by concept, cut on the line and laminate to keep FOREVER!

I print 3-4 per set so that I can put rhythms for whole songs on the board if I want to, and often rhythm patterns repeat in a song, so it is helpful to print more than one set. 

 Flashcards come with both stick notation... well as standard notation with note heads:

Also included is a list of ideas for using the rhythm cards so that you don't get stuck in a rut using them the same way every time.

This set is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

They can also be purchased individually. Right now I am having a STORE-WIDE SALE through 4/1/13.

Happy Easter Weekend,


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