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Naughty Kitty Cat

This is probably one of my kids' favorites!

Why I love it:
-super for teaching ta rest
-I can bring it back for teaching la
-I find its easy to tell a story about because I actually do have a naughty kitty cat at home:

I can always count on this kitty for a good (non-fiction) story to introduce this song.

Why my kids love it:
-As always, the GAME!

Sometimes when I have a class that isn't ready for a traveling circle, we play it as a seated circle chase game, like "duck duck goose" where one student is "the mouse" they walk around the circle during the song and tap the nearest person at the end. This person is "the cat" and chases the cat around the circle. If the mouse is caught they could go to the center, it's up to you. I usually do not send kids to the center unless I have an instrument there.

After we play the game we use these slides depending on what we are working on: ta rest or la

In the TpT download I also have these slides for those teachers who call or read it differently.

Melodic contour:

I don't include last phrase since it contains fa and re. They never really ask about it but it helps if you have them come up with an action to do on the last phrase.

Solfa Street slide: 

I made this slide with clipart purchased from:

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