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About Me

Me as a person:
I am mommy to two wonderfully different girls, ages 8 and nearly 4. My husband teaches band and jazz band to grades 5-12 so our dinnertime talk is always revolving around teaching, music, and kids. We have two fur babies, a dog named Dizzy and a cat named Socks, but just we call him "Kitty" more often than not.

Me as a music educator:
I LOVE that I get to spend my day making music with kids. I seriously cannot think of anything better than playing singing games with my kiddos and seeing their musical growth from the time the enter my room to the time they leave it.

Kodaly certification changed my life. I would most likely have been a "quit within the first five years" statistic if I had not had my Kodaly training. It saved me after my not so wonderful first year teaching music. I got a fresh start, a new vision, a SEQUENCE and the FOLK SONGS to make it happen. If you are even on the fence about Kodaly levels certification, just do it! I can't say I've met a single elementary music teacher who has regretted doing it.

I am not perfect. I still don't have it figured out. I still have hard days just like you. It's a work in progress. I am still in pursuit of a joyful music education experience for each of my students. 

My Teaching Experience:
I have taught elementary music  for 8 years. I currently am staying home this year with my 4 year old. Previously, I have taught Pre-K through 5th grade music classes. I am a member of the Kodaly Music Educators of Kansas and have served on the KMEK board four 7 years as Past President, President, President Elect, and Publicity Chair. I have also served on the Kansas Music Educators Association board. 

Bachelor of Music Education - Wichita State University 
Kodaly Level 1 - Wichita State University 
Kodaly Level 2 - Wichita State University 
Kodaly Level 3 - Wichita State University
Masters of Music Education - Wichita State University


  1. Hi Lindsay! I was so excited when I came across your Facebook page and saw your materials in Teachers Pay Teachers. I've been teaching secondary choir for awhile and I'm going back to elementary this year. I'm not certified Kodaly, but I was trained by a teacher who was. My new district is letting myself and my two colleagues determine the entire schedule for music. They were suggesting 40 minutes per grade. Back at my last elementary job, I seem to recall that K-3 was 25 or 30 minutes, and 4-5 received 50 minutes. What do you do at your school, and what is your rational (if any, besides the little one attention spans).

    I am so impressed by all of your creativity and energy you clearly have in all aspects of your life. What an encouragement you are! We start school next week, and I'll be buying a couple of mega-bundles, I'm sure!

    1. Hi Heather,

      I am so glad you found my blog and resources! I hope you are having a great year in elementary music! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help along the way.


  2. I came across your blog while searching for an activity for my "Teaching Music in the Elem" course and I absolutely love your blog and ideas (:

    - Kelsey

  3. Hi Lindsay, I've been following you for a while on Teachers pay Teachers. You are one of my TpT heroes! I noticed you posted a picture in this blog of the book "120 Singing Games and Dances for Elementary Schools." I checked it out of the library a few years ago, but It's hard to find one to purchase. I liked it, but there were songs and groups sizes that didn't apply to my music classroom of 20-30 kids and there weren't a lot instructions for each song, so I decided a couple of years ago to put together my own version of singing games, action & rhythm songs and folk dances for K-5 kids. After tons of research and even more experimenting and adapting, I now I have 69 songs in my book (still growing), with lots of suggestions and instructions for use in the music classroom. If you are interested in looking at it let me know. I'd love for you to review it! (
    I finally jumped into TpT so I have it there also -
    Keep up the great work! People like you make music education so much richer!

  4. Fabulous blog! Do you have any information posted about how you organize your lesson plans and materials needed for the lessons into a binder? Or do you use an all digital format?

  5. Hi Lindsay! I found you through TpT and Aileen Miracle last year during my first year of teaching. I am a WSU grad from, ahem. . . well, you were probably in elementary school then! :) Anyway, just wanted to say hi from another Kansas girl. . . and hugs to Elaine B next time you see her!