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Thankful Music Teacher {Part 1}

Every year when November rolls around many of my Facebook friends post something they are thankful for every day. It's not something I have done, but I do enjoy reading them, and it does make me stop and count my blessings and say "Thank you" for all of the precious gifts in my life.

I am thankful to be a music teacher, but I would be totally lost on my own. So over the next few weeks I am going to share some of the things I am thankful for that have helped me grow professionally. Maybe some of these ideas will be new to you, and maybe you are already thankful for some of the same things!

Which brings me to today's thought:

How many of you are the only ones in your building? Do you ever feel like you are on an island trying to figure it all out for yourself and re-inventing the wheel at every turn? You don't have to feel that way. While your school may not ever need to hire a second music teacher, and it may always be music teacher party of one, there are so many music teachers with tons of ideas and experience just WAITING to give you some advice, tell you about a singing game, or help give you new song ideas to freshen up you folk song collection. 

If these music groups on Facebook were a thing my first year teaching (six years ago) I certainly knew nothing of them. I LOVE when I see music majors and first year teachers in these groups. They are getting help and ideas early on. They are also learning that some of their struggles are struggles for others too. It's an amazing community to be a part of.

So here are some of my very favorite Facebook music groups. Some may be open to anyone; some you may have to request to join. All have been invaluable to me.

If you don't already have a Facebook page for your state organizations, you should definitely consider it! Here's our Kodaly Music Educators of Kansas page. It lets everyone know about upcoming workshops, but it's also a great place for us to share ideas: 

I also started a group on Facebook as a place where music teachers could ask me specific questions about my resources, collaborate with other music teachers, share videos/pictures of my resources in action, and make requests for additional resources. I share things frequently in this group from my TPT Facebook Page, but group members are also free to post and ask questions. People have posted about concert ideas, shared ideas about children's literature and lots more! Sometimes when I am creating a resource, I will post questions in there to see what people like the best or what would be the most useful. Find the group here: Lindsay's Kodaly Inspired Classroom - Share Group

I would also encourage you to start Facebook groups with music teachers in your Kodaly or Orff levels (even if you are already past that point), music teachers in your district, state, or just a solid group of music teachers you know personally and who want to help each other grow.

So who knew?! I would not be the music teacher I am today without Facebook!


  1. Thank you, Lindsay for your awesome TPT items. I will have to post one in action on Monday. I, too, am the only music teacher in my building along with being the band director and choir director as well. I know I collaborate with our PE teacher once a month and teach the students different dances and the proper etiquette when asking and responding.

    1. Yes, it can be very hard when you are the only one. So glad you have a PE teacher who likes to collaborate on dances with you! How neat!