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Lemonade Stand Printable

I love using the song "Lemonade" with my kiddos. It is great for high/low or sol-mi.

When teaching a question/answer song like this, I have found it really helps to use puppets to differentiate between the characters. I also try to display the words, after they have heard it a few times and have the different voices color coded. Eventually, I can have the class be the response, then later divide the class and half can ask the questions and half can answer. Finally I get it down to 2 child soloists. If they are given a puppet to hold, they WANT to have a turn to solo sing and they don't even think about it as singing alone in front of their class.

I found the cutest lemonade picture frame at Hobby Lobby this summer. They may still have a few of them in their summer clearance section if you are super lucky or you can probably create something similar. This one is just a 4 x 6 photo fame, so it's not super big, but I thought it would be really fun to have as a prop behind finger puppets and put in a center for dramatic play and solo singing. You can click here to get your own photo frame copy in color and black and white.

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