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Dollar Days of Summer - Week 2

Thanks for joining Cori from Rhythm and Bloom and I for week 2 of Dollar Day$ of Summer. You can check in each week on my blog or on our Facebook pages (Rhythm and Bloom and Lindsay's Kodaly Inpsired Classroom) to see what will be the dollar deal of the week. This is a great way to stock up for next and snag some great deals!

If you missed the excitement last week, when you visit my store, you will see a "Dollar Day$ of Summer" banner. If you click on the banner, you will see the item in my store that is discounted to $1 for that week!

You can find all the participating deals by visiting my blog every Sunday/Monday of the summer. I will have a linky party at the bottom of my blog post with links to all the $1 deals. 

This week, I am excited to post the first part of a brand new room theme (coming soon!). I have teamed up with my friend, Erin Johnson, to create a Space Themed Music Room Set. I went through high school, college, and all three levels of Kodaly with Erin. She used my nautical themed classroom decor set in her room last year and loved it. This year she attended my Digital Make It/Take It session with the Kodaly Music Educators of Kansas where I walked teachers through making a digital resource. We all made slides for Doggie, Doggie at the workshop. Erin really wanted to do a Space Theme for her music room this year, so we collaborated on this set:

We couldn't decide on font combinations and less/more ink printing options, so we've actually included five different designs total, but here are two of my favorites. 

I think this is the set Erin plans on using in her room.

Here is another version that is a little more ink friendly by adding the white frame around it all:

Each rule has the same wording as all my other sets:
M- Make good choices
U- Use kind words
S- Show respect (I talk about how this includes to classmates, teacher, and the music that we perform)
I- Involve yourself
C- Care for room and instruments

Each rule also includes a song that can be printed or projected. These "rule songs" are set to familiar children's songs/folk songs. They get my kids singing from the first day and help my students to remember the rules. I can hmm the song for "Make Good Choices" and my kids will chime in and turn their behavior around!

Here's an example. This is for my "C" rule "Care for our Room and Instruments

I HOPE Erin will join me in the future for some more collaborative resources! We'll see if I can twist her arm! ;)

Below you can find links to this plus 9 other great resources from other music teachers!

Are you a seller on TPT and would like to link up? Here are the details:
1) Choose one item from your store and add a link below. You can link directly to the item on TPT or you can write a blog post about your awesome resource and link up with the blog post address. You do not have to have a blog to participate.
2) There will be 10 open spots each week and they are first come, first serve. 
3) If you link up, please share a link to my blog post with the link up on your social media to help others find out about these incredible deals!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and posting!!! Erin, you should join us!!!