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2, 4, 6, 8

One of my favorite songs to bring out in the spring is 2, 4, 6, 8.

I can use this with any grade level that is preparing or practicing beat vs. rhythm or is practicing ta and titi. 

The dance that I learned with this song is set up in longways sets with each student facing their partner.

Phrase 1: Take four steps towards your partner
Phrase 2: Shake hands with your partner
Phrase 3: Right hand turn to trade places with your partner
Phrase 4: Take four steps backward into your partners old spot

IDEALLY the head couple sashays down to the bottom of the set during phrase four and the other partners move up a space to start again and there is a new head couple, but you can work up to that. Sometimes they need extra time to get down there, especially if you are teaching it to the whole class at once. Some of my kids won't remember to go because they march backwards instead, but I don't make a big deal out of it. I just add a little rhythm improv between repetitions to get them down there and then we start again

I should have made my kids listen a few more times before joining in on the singing, as you will hear that some of them throw in a la and make the last phrase ta titi ta ta. Once we really honed in on the rhythm of the song and read it with ta's and titi's that fixed that right up.

Here are some of the visuals and manipulative I use with this song after they have learned the dance.

When practicing steady beat or working on beat vs. rhythm, I can pull out this slide and students can pat beat on laps while I point or they can take turns tapping at the board like the teacher.

I also have slides for prepping the rhythm of the words as well as with stick notation.

Click here to find these ready made slides to use in your classroom.

On a different day in ta and titi practice stage, I divide the class into small groups and I pass out baggies that have foam flowers that I picked up from the dollar bin. On the flowers, I have notated (in stick notation) the phrases of the song with one phrase on each flower. Students work in groups to put the song together.

When they have the song notated I come around to each group and they perform it for me.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to try with your kids!

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