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Are You Wild About Music?

March is Music In Our Schools Month, and it is just around the corner! Last year, I put together an advocacy bulletin board set for MIOSM titled "Wild About Music".

Wild About Music - March is Music In Our Schools Month

It came with several cute posters like these:

It also came with printable student sheets where students could write why they are wild about music.

I wasn't able to get it printed in time to use last year, but Jena Hudson did and she created a cute little banner to go along with it here.  Here is the finished bulletin board from Jena's classroom.

This year I hope to display this board and it will fit perfectly as I am currently prepping a circus themed program with my first and second grade students!

I love seeing finished bulletin boards from things I have created, so I thought I would do a little giveaway! If you send me a picture of your finished bulletin board using my "Wild About Music" bulletin board set from 2/14/15 - 3/31/15, I will send you any (one) set of my "Wild Rhythm Races" games FREE! You don't have to enter to win! Everyone who sends me a picture via email or posting it to my Facebook page will get a free copy of the Wild Rhythm Races concept of their choice!

When you send me the picture of your bulletin board, please include which concept of the "Wild Rhythm Races" you would love to have. Here are your choices:

- Ta and titi
- Ta Rest
- Half Note
- Tiri-tiri
- Ti-tiri
- Tiri-ti
- Syncopa
- 6/8

Do you already have a different theme in mind for MIOSM? If so, what is your theme going to be?

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