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New Year's Resolutions

I am linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share my Resolutions for the New Year. If you ask my hubby, he will tell you that I am personally not big on New Years resolutions. That is not to say that I don't set goals or reflect. I do both very frequently, but turning the calendar from 2014 to 2015 doesn't give me the sudden urge to change my life.

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I will play along though and give you a peek into some of my current "resolutions" or goals for 2015.

Personal - spend more time with my hubby - 

Having a toddler, teaching full time, working on a masters, and creating for TpT doesn't really leave you with a lot of free time. I am often up really late creating resources for my classroom and to share, but I am making more of a priority this year to cut down on some of that creating time and spend more time with my hubby. I am off to a good start already. Ben and I took a trip to NYC for just the two of us as our Christmas present to each other. 

We had a great time and went to 3 broadway shows (Les Mis, Book of Mormon, and A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder). We loved them all. The last show was a gamble as I really hadn't heard any of the music from it, but it ended up being one of my favorite shows I have seen. If it ever ends up in your area, go see it! It is so funny!

Professional - present out of state

I am looking forward to this month because I will be doing my first out of state presentation for the Amarillo School District. I am presenting on "Tools for Music Literacy using the Kod├íly Concept". I will be showing how I integrate play and singing games with technology and other manipulatives to give students a joyful experience in my music room and to help them along the path to music literacy. 

I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I still feel like a really young teacher, but I am hopeful that I will still have new things to share with these teachers and that it will be a really fun day for all of us!

Classroom - find more ways to stay organized

I am always looking for more ways to organize my classroom. I hope find more solutions for organizing manipulatives and just keeping my room in order from day to day. If you find any life saving organizational systems, please post them on my Facebook Page! :)

Blog/ TpT - Blog twice a month/ create more resources for upper grades

Blogging- my blog is often left to the wayside. I hope to blog more often, but I have to be realistic. :)  I think I can accomplish two posts a month!

TpT- Generally, I create out of what I want/need for my classroom. I get a lot of requests and I try to work them in as I can. Some I jump on right away, and some, I just can't do for various reasons. One request I have gotten often is for resources for upper grades/concepts. That is on my "to do" for TpT for 2015.

Just for me - Get more sleep!

I pull a LOT of late nights working on things for school, grad school, and TpT. I am really going to try to get more sleep this year. My biggest reason is that I think it will really help with my overall health. I've been sick a lot this school year, and I am hoping more sleep will really help me to stay healthy. Also on the list: cut down on the soda, make better food choices, and exercise more. Whew! We'll see! Let's just start with trying to make it to bed a bit earlier!

Do you do New Years Resolutions? What are your 2015 resolutions?

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  1. Hi Lindsay. I was wondering if you have resources you would be willing to share from your Amarillo presentation. I am working on finishing my capstone for Silver Lake College (MME here I come!) on disciplinary literacy in the Kodaly classroom and your presentation topic caught my eye. If you would be willing to share, I would love your take. Thanks for all your great ideas.