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Hoppy Easter

I dread the cold. I wish I could be a bear and hibernate all winter long. So when it is FINALLY spring time, and the weather warms up a bit, so do my spirits, but come about this time, students are eagerly anticipating their summer vacations. So what can we do to keep them engaged until the end of May?

1. Singing games and play parties

One of my favorites is Paw Paw Patch

The play party is set up in long ways sets. During verse 1, "Susie" skips around both lines and back to her place. Verse 2, the boys follow Susie skipping around both sets and back to their spots. Verse 3 both lines cast off (or as we call it, peel the banana) and the head couple forms and arch and everyone goes through the arch with their partners.

This song is also perfect for tiri-tiri preparation or practice!

2. Spring themed songs

Here are some fun ones I use around Easter time:
I use this song to teach about Call and Response singing to my little ones. I have a powerpoint that showes them when it's my turn and the rabbit helps them when it's their turn to sing. 

Old Mister Rabbit

This one is great for low la prep or practice. 

I LOVE this one for beat vs. rhythm and practicing titi!

I like to be practicing concepts all the way through the end of the school year, but at this time of the year when they are getting antsy, I try to make my lessons a bit more singing games and play party heavy and less time sitting. These activities help solidify all of the new concepts we have learned throughout the year!

What are some of your favorite Spring time activities to get you through the year? 

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