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Music In Our Schools Month

 March Is....

On my Facebook page, I asked what other teachers are doing for MIOSM. Here are some of the responses:

1.  "I collected music facts from each faculty member (who took piano lessons, who was band, etc) and each day we have a "Who Am I?" Challenge on the school news broadcast. It's funny because the classroom teachers say the kids keep guessing me but then see another teacher. A great reminder that music is a part of everyone."

I loved this response from a classroom teacher:

2. "Being a classroom teacher, we are writing a "surprise" book to our music teacher on why we think music class is great. They are in their rough draft stages-but their responses are soooo cute! Their thoughts make me want to be in music class all over again!"

I'm sure their music teacher will love it!

In my room, we are doing quick celebrations each day. It's great to take a moment with my kiddos and stop and think about how awesome it is that we get to have music in schools. Not only to I love that for my job I get to come to school and sing and play all day, music has so many benefits for all of us.

Each day I am projecting a page from my "Wild About Music" set onto the board to use as a conversation starter, and then kids can add to my comment. I have a few kids share every day and by the end of the month, hopefully I will have heard from everyone.

Next year I hope to get these pages printed to make a bulletin board like this one Jena Hudson made:

What other great ideas do you have for MIOSM? How are you celebrating it at your school?

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