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Turning drab into FAB!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed your break! I sure did! Ellie was able to open presents this year and I got my husband a new puppy for Christmas, so the holidays were very busy at the Jervis house!

Over the Holidays (well, actually for my birthday) I got a new blog design! I really love it and hope that it encourages me to blog a little more often! :) If you had my old blog button on your blog, you may want to grab my new and improved button!

This will just be a short post because it is the day before school starts back up and I have SO MUCH TO DO!

Today is our work day and I am planning, creating new seating charts, and doing some cleaning and organizing in my music room.

I have a huge music room but really limited wall and bulletin board space. Most of my wall space is windows, cabinets, or chalkboard. I have utilized my cabinet door space into my word wall area, but I always like to find other ways to get my classroom bright and cheery.

With Kansas Day coming up, I decided to deck out the side of one of my filing cabinets to help brighten up my space a bit.

Business in front:

Party on the side:

To deck out the side of my file cabinet and create "extra bulletin board space", I just taped a long sheet of brown paper to the side (you know-the kind you find in your work room), and trimmed it off with a border using tape. I added my OZ inspired "There's No Place Like MUSIC" posters, and a few bright color magnets and now have a great pop of color in my room plus a little music advocacy board!

Also, several other Kodaly teachers and myself are working on a collaborative music blog this new year! You can check it out here:

Our goal with this collaborative blog is to bring you ideas, resources, songs, activities and strategies that you can use in your Kodaly-inspired classroom! There is also a Kodaly Corner Facebook Page you can "like". Find it all on the blog!

I hope you have a great start to your Spring semester. I will be checking back in soon!


  1. I LOVE the new blog design! It is cute, catchy and colourful! I also absolutely love your idea of a collaborative blog. I am very involved in the Orff community here in Manitoba/Canada. I would love it if we had something like this. Are you creating a blog for your state organization to take turns posting? Or your national Kodaly community in general? I'd love to hear more about this!

    1. It is a collaborative effort of Kodak teachers from across the country. I have never personally met any of the other teachers except one. Many of us met online through our blogs, tpt, and facebook. If you start a collaborative Off blog be sure to let me know. I would love to follow it!

  2. First of all, I love the new look of the blog! It's totally "fab"! Second, I am still loving the "No Place Like Music" posters. They're in my laminate pile and then they'll be adorning the walls of my classroom. Last, I wanted to make sure you saw this link. It's one writer's opinion about the state of education (and I love that it's a well-written article written by and education writer in KANSAS!). Just wanted to share with another Kansas-based music educator. :D


    1. Thanks for sharing that link, David! I will check it out!