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Wednesday Wishlist

On this Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we should take time to give thanks for the many gifts in our life. I am so thankful for my darling daughter who is 16 months old and running, giggling, singing, dancing, and climbing all over the house. I am thankful for my loving and supportive husband. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am blessed with a job I love and that I get to make music with beautiful children every day. I am thankful for the music teachers who have inspired me and showed me what a joy teaching music can be. I am also thankful for the online world of music teachers who collaborate and share ideas on facebook groups, pinterest, blogs and TPT. I have gained so many new ideas for my classroom this year and I feel so honored that other teachers are using the materials I create with their students in their classrooms. As of this morning I have 600 teachers following me on TPT! Thank you so much for the support. 

I am so excited to announce the huge Teachers Pay Teachers site wide Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale (Dec. 2-3). Enter the promo code: CYBER to receive 10% off your purchase. Plus most of the items in my store will be 20% off, so with the promo code you can get up to 28% off the original price! 

I am hoping to make several purchases of my own and need to get my wish list ready! So what's on your wish list? Comment below or link up your blog to share what you are excited to buy on Cyber Monday - not limited to TPT things.

Here are some of the things on my wish list right now, but I'm sure there will be more to come once I have some time to look!

This set by Linda McPherson looks so cute! This looks like a great practice activity for sol-mi!

My kids are practicing loud/soft and I'm looking for a few new ideas, so I am looking at this set by Aileen Miracle:

I'm also thinking about this set of songs and activities for teaching half note: 

PLUS lots of fun clip art for upcoming projects! :)

Looking for some Wintery/Christmas materials to add to your wish list?

Check out these:

It includes slides for lyrics, steady beat, rhythm icons, and slides for presenting and practicing ta-a as tied quarter notes as well as half note.

Beat Charts:

Trim the Tree Rhythm Games- available for each rhythm concept or as a money-saving bundle:

and Vocal Exploration for Christmas:

What is on your wish list?

If you are a regular classroom teacher or do homeschooling, check out Rebecca Reid's Wishlist Wednesday here:

Wish List Wednesday: All I Want for Christmas

You can link up on her lovely blog or if you want to join the music edition, feel free to link up below!

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2. Add your link below

Happy Holidays,


  1. Thanks for the shout out! And congrats on the 600 exciting! I will try to link up soon. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up, Lindsay! It looks like you have some great products on your to buy list, as well as listed up in your store!