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Monday Music Manipulatives: Wikki Sticks for Vocal Exploration

It's MONDAY!!!

Time for more music manipulatives!

Last Friday one of the band teachers in my district gave me a package of Wikki Stix. I had never seen anything like them before. They are pieces of yarn covered in wax that you can bend to create different shapes. I thought they would be a fun toy to add to my collection for vocal exploration.

Here's what the package looks like:

Click on the picture to see where you can purchase them!

And here are some fun ways you can bend them for vocal exploration!

I'd love to get enough to have a class set, but they are sure fun to bend and play with!

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Have fun music manipulatives that you would like to share? Write a blog post and then link it up using the link below!


  1. Great idea! I use wikki stix when we are doing popsicle stick rhythms. I use them to tie two ta's together and then create a half note.