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2-4 Tuesday: Vocal Exploration through Children's Literature

Time for another 2-4 Tuesday! Thanks Steph for hosting this link up so that music teachers can share ideas!

Today I am going to share four books that I use in my music room for vocal exploration.

Click on the pictures to see where you can buy these great books!

My mother in law found the big book version of this. I LOVE it. After hearing a few verses, students are able to "fill in the blanks" by inserting the number of the phrases like "Over in the meadow in a snug beehive lived a mother honey bee and her little bees five." Great way to work on pitch matching and finding the resting tone.

I was introduced to this one in Level 1 with Jo Kirk. It has all kinds of opportunities for vocal exploration making train sounds, driving the six white horses, and chopping the old red rooster. I tell my students that my Aunt is visiting me all the way from New Orleans. I connect this story with the echo song "Aunt Came Back."

This has some opportunities for pitch matching and "fill in the blank" singing. There are lots of variations on this book that are seasonal and quite fun. I also have the Old Lady Who Swallowed the Leaves, Bat, Clover, Shell (Connect to song "Sea Shell"), Pie, and Bell.

This book is definitely my kids' favorite. This a modern tale of little bunny foo foo. He zooms through the forest on his motorcycles. We talk about Little Rabbit Foo Foo and how he needs to make good choices and show respect (two of our music room rules).

What are some of your go to children's books for vocal exploration? I am always trying to add to my library!

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to link up! :)

  2. Is there a way I can get in on this 2/4 Tuesday link-up??? I love the idea! The manipulatives one sounds great too- But I feel like I should only commit to one. Thanks! Emily from

    1. Yes, click on the picture. I will link you to Steph's blog!