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Materials for Teaching Tika-Ti

I've just finished another bundled set of materials! You can check out the Songs and Materials to teach tika-ti bundle here.

I am trying to get my 4th and 5ht graders caught up on the Kodaly Sequence, but it is definitely a process since reading rhythms and solfege is brand new to them. I am hoping to present tika-ti by the end of the year (eek, we are getting down to the wire!). 

Here are some fun songs and resources from my collection for tika-ti (or whatever you call it in your rhythm language).

Here's a short sample of one PDF slides from one of the songs:

Presenting tika-ti! (I also made slides to say tiri-ti, tipi-ti, ta-ka-di, duda-de) Let me know if you have yet another way to say this rhythm and I would be happy to make revisions to fit your rhythm language

I also have a very fun rhythm game and printables that are included in this set.


You can see more details about the Skipping Rope Song here.

The songs and flashcards from this set are also sold separately on my TpT store.

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