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Rain Rain Go Away

We have over a foot of snow and most all of the elementary session for KMEA have been canceled today, so I had a little time to upload some new slides that I have created.

These slides are for Rain Rain go away. I use the version that contains only so and mi. Clip art is from They have lots of cute FREE backgrounds, borders and clip art. Great site for teachers!

Here is the lyrics slide:

A slide for steady beat:

 Rhythm icons:
 Rhythm notation: This is done using MusicEd font. If you don't have it, you should get it! I use it all the time! It is available on this website for $25. Probably the best $25 I have ever spent for my classroom.

 Icons with solfege underneith:
 Slides to practice high and low:
 Icons on the staff with lyrics under (I have these for both F do and G do)
Icons on the staff with solfege under:
 Standard notation on the staff (Again, I have slides for both F do and G do) This helps me show my kids that if so is on a line, mi is on a line and if so is on a space, mi is on a space:

The full set of slides is available for download on my Teachers Pay Teachers page, . If you download any of my products, please be sure to leave feedback!


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