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There's No Place Like Music

Being from Kansas, I originally created this bulletin board set for Kansas Day. It's actually not a bulletin board at all, just the side of one of my file cabinets.

Most all of my kids have seen the Wizard of Oz and they loved these posters and I loved that they had a great music advocacy tie in. 

Find the posters here
"There's No Place Like MUSIC" Advocacy Bulletin Board: Pri

Since then, I've had several other teachers send me pictures of the bulletin boards that they have come up with using this set and they are so creative!

How cool is the detail on this one: 

Below is a picture from my friend, Kendra, who used this set for a door decor contest! I love the rainbow and lyrics she added to the side! 

Then, I had a music teacher ask for student response sheets where they could explain in their own words why there is no place like music. So I came up with these:

You can talk about each character and what they were hoping to get from the wizard. Relate those things to the way that music makes us feel or how music improves our lives. Example – the lion wanted courage because he was always scared of everything. Music makes me feel brave/courageous when____________. I have included several different formats so that you can pick what will work best with your students. 

The first layout simply shows the character and shows the word of what they wanted. Younger students can draw on these pages to show how music makes them feel these ways or you can give your older kids a different prompt (Ex. This song makes me feel brave________ ) and they can write and draw.

On the second and third layouts, the prompt is given along with the character clip art and trait, ex. “Music makes me feel at home when…”. The second layout provides room to draw and/or write (unlined). The third layout provides room for them to write (lined) and a smaller drawing area.

Here are some of the student responses. They are backed with construction paper and hung up in the hallway for everyone to read!

If you have used these sets, I would love to see pictures of your displays! I hope this set has helped my own students to think about and realize all of the amazing benefits of music.


  1. @ Lindsay

    This is fabulous. I have done a similar lesson with these books, but the technology integration is an awesome addition.

    Natasa | Mobile