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Celebrating Our Music Memories

I will only get to see my fifth graders three more times this year before they leave me forever. I wanted their last few class periods of elementary music to be a celebration of their favorite songs from music.

To find out what "stuck" with each student and find out their favorite songs and memories from music, I have my students fill out a "Music Memories" page.

(sample page)

The page I passed out to my fifth graders asked them to fill in the name of their favorite song they learned this year, something new they learned this year in music, their favorite memory from 5th grade music, and some ways that music will continue to be a part of their life.

Sorry their responses are a bit blurry, but it was really cool to look through them and see what they remembered. Sometimes a song from September that I barely remember doing with them is their favorite. Sometimes I am surprised by which students loved which songs.

I will then take the info they filled in to determine what activities we will be doing in music class for their last two days.

Here is a list of the songs that this particular group of 5th grades listed. They were working on these independently. The number behind the song shows how many different students listed that song as their favorite from music this year.

Nifty Nifty United States (8)
Shenandoah (2)
Battle Cry of Freedom
If I Had Three Wishes - from their program (6) see sheet music on Carl Fisher's website here.
Class Compositions - from their program

A few of my students wrote two songs down and I honored both of the songs they listed by including them both.

If you want to snag these editable end of the year music memories pages you can find them here:

As always, I love to see other teachers using my things in their classrooms. Here are a few pictures shared with me from the classroom of Courtney Wolfe Turay‎:
Photo Credit: Courtney Wolfe Turay

Photo Credit: Courtney Wolfe Turay
In what ways are you celebrating your students music memories from the year or years?

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