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WILD About Music Facebook Frenzy

It's here! It's here! Have you heard about the 20+ music teachers who are each giving away a freebie from their store? Well it's happening today (8 AM Friday, March 28)!

You can start the frenzy at my facebook page. Just click on the picture below:

When you get there you are looking for an image along the top that looks like this:

On my page, here is where it is located: 

It will be in the same general vicinity on all of the participating music teacher pages. If you don't see it yet, check back after 8 AM Friday! 

Here are some great tips from The Plucky Pianista to make the experience as amazing as possible:

  • First of all, to start the Frenzy, visit my Facebook Page (click the yellow Facebook icon to the right of this post), then become a fan by liking my page. 
  • Once you're a fan, click the Music Frenzy tab to begin. You'll need to be on a computer to do this - the tabs aren't visible on mobile devices. 
  • You'll see a picture with a thumbnail of the product. Click the thumbnail to download the product for FREE! 
  • Then click the sunshine at the top of the picture to be taken to the next stop. 
  • Continue liking and downloading until you've gone all the way through the Frenzy and come back to my page. That way, you'll be sure you made every stop.

Here's a little peek at what my freebie is- one concept from each of my newest rhythm games sets "Steal the Banana" and "Wild Rhythm Races".

If you like them, I just added the bundles to my store today:

Want to snag one of these or any of my other resources on sale this weekend? Comment on this post on facebook to let me know which item in my store you would love to see 20% off! 

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