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Closet Key

My students could play the game for this song OVER AND OVER. My fifth graders still ask for it. We play the game in a seated circle with a "detective" in the middle. Someone goes around the circle "garden" and drops a key in someone's hands behind their backs. The detective tries to guess who has the key.

 Lyric slide:
 Steady beat slide:
 Rhythm Icons:
 Stick noation:
 Solfa with stick notation- new pitch!
 Iconic pitch notation:

 Icons to show pitch with solfege and new mystery note:
 A new note has moved in!
 Introducing "re"!
 Practice reading on the staff
 Staff and solfege:
 Standard notation with solfege syllables inside:

My kids love to play this easy song on the Orff instruments too. There are also slides at the end that show the whole song in iconic notation.

These slides are available for download on my teachers pay teachers page, either as a Mimio lesson, or as a PDF. Please make sure you select the right one for you, as I know not everyone has access to Mimio software.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at



  1. One suggestion would be to put a link to the file you mention in each post. I had trouble finding the file in you Tpt store.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I've made sure in my more recent posts to include a clickable link to the store. I'm glad you pointed out that I had not included it in many of my early posts. I will definitely go back through and update with links! Thanks Mark!

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  3. My students love this song and game but we play with a string and a key tied to it. In your version, does the detective have his eyes closed?

  4. Does the detective have their eyes closed?