Target Dollar Bin Finds and a Giveaway

I love have a slight obsession with Target. I have even passed that love on to my daughter. Every time we leave there she sighs a huge sigh and says, "Mommy, I love Target."

I LOVE to find a great deal, so I am especially good at checking out the end caps at Target and all of the clearance sections tucked away in their own discreet sections in the store.

My shopping may look a bit like this bottom picture, but I have a fear of missing out on anything spectacular, I just have to give the whole store a good look over!


On our last trip to Target, I came across them foam gems in the dollar bins.

Big and little foam apples that I plan to use for "Apple Tree" and "I Climbed Up the Apple Tree":

 Big and little foam stars that I plan to use for "Starlight, Starbight" and "Good Night, Sleep Tight":

I plan to attach magnets to the back and use for rhythms or melodic patterns on the board. 
They come with 4 little and 4 big foam pieces in a set for $1, so if you want enough for the song "Starlight, Starbright", you will need 4 packages of the stars. If you want enough for Apple Tree, you will need 6 pack (that will also be enough for "I Climbed Up the Apple Tree"). I like using foam as opposed to die cuts because them seem more durable and tend to last longer, don't get all bent up, etc.

I hope you can find them and use them too!

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