Chants for Steady Beat and the "Way the Words Go"

When preparing/practicing steady beat and rhythm as "the way the words go" I have a few chants in my collection that my kids love. I also use these for comparatives: fast/slow, loud/soft, high/low.

I have put together a collection of five chants with slides and activities that is available on my TpT store here.

It includes slides for:

Teaching Ideas
Steady Beat Icons
Rhythm Icons
Rhythm Notation using Stick Notation
Printable beat tapping charts for students

The chants included in this collection are:

Bee Bee Bumblebee
Cinderella at the Ball
Engine, Engine Number Nine
I Climbed Up the Apple Tree
Queen Queen Caroline

Here are some sample pages from the set:

Bee Bee Bumblebee

Cinderella at the Ball

Engine Engine Number Nine

Activities: I usually pair with the book "The Freight Train" or "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain".
We add sand blocks when we are preparing and practicing fast/slow.
Train whistles- vocal exploration

 I Climbed Up the Apple Tree


We add this ostinato on Orff bordune. You could use this or make up your own.

Queen Queen Caroline

I use Queen Queen Caroline for loud/soft and high/low and connect with "Old King Glory" and the loveliest princess vocal exploration as learned from Jo Kirk so that we have a royal family day. They will make another appearance when Old King Glory travels to Boston to buy his wife a comb! ;)

What other chants do you like to use in your classroom?

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