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Bow Wow Wow

I have a whole lesson that I do with my first graders (I don't have kindergarten since they are only half day) about Tommy Tucker's dog, Bingo when prepping fast/slow. I get out a stuffed animal dog and every student gets a turn to bounce Bingo on their lap.

The kids are really delighted when this song comes back and we get to do it when prepping and practicing ta rest. They learn the partner circle game.

I use these slides when starting out:
 Lyrics only:
Beat icons for before "steady beat" is presented:

After steady beat has been introduced:

 Rhythm icons:
 Rhythm with stick notation

Then I have each phrase on a laminated piece of card stock that looks like this:

 I pretend that I was up all night writing a song and then I drop the cards all over the floor "Oh no, I don't know what order they go in!" The kids help put them in the right order.

You could also do group or individual cards like this (again, I print these on cardstock, laminate and cut on the lines).

Later we use these cards to create a new composition by rearranging the rhythm cards.

This file is available as a PDF on my Teachers Pay Teachers page: 

If you have any questions or ideas to share with me for this song, please email me at


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