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MKMEA Chalk Challenge

I am so pumped that the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators of America conference is going to be hosted in my hometown, Wichita, KS, October 23-25 this year! I have never had the chance to attend a regional or national Kodaly workshop, so this will be a very exciting first for me. Jo Kirk, my Level 1 instructor at Wichita State, will be giving the keynote as well as doing two sessions.

To spread the word and get people excited for this conference, I thought it would be fun to do a MKMEA 2015 Chalk Challenge.

Think back to the ice bucket had to complete the task as well as challenge a few others.

So here's how this challenge works:

1) Grab some chalk and find a way to represent a folk song (rhythm notation, staff notation, icons, or whatever you come up with).
2) Take a picture of your chalk drawing and upload it to Facebook
3) On your post, be sure to include the following:
  • That you are planning to attend MKMEA
  • Tag 3-5 friends
  • Add the hashtag #MKMEA2015 (This way when people use the hashtag, they can click on the hashtag and see all the related posts)
  • Have people guess what song you notated!
4) You get extra credit if you also include the registration link in your post:

You can guess my song on my Facebook page.

Now it's your turn, even if no one has personally challenged you yet. Consider this your invitation! Grab some chalk and hit the pavement. Then share on Facebook!

Can't wait to see you there!

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