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MKMEA Sale & Giveaway

This weekend so many friends are in Chicago for MKMEA. I wish I could be there too, but this year I just didn't feel like it was going to work out being away from Ellie. 

To celebrate MKMEA I am offering 10% off EVERYTHING in my entire store. This will be the only time I discount my Kodaly Level 1 and Kodaly Level 2 Mega Bundles. Don't forget to check back for updates to these files if you have already purchased! I will be adding to both of these files in the next few days.

 My kids played my Candy Corn Rhythm Races this Friday in our combined PE + Music day and they loved it! I had my kids go in pairs down to find the correct rhythms, and it was still very telling as to who is getting the rhythm concepts and who still needs more help. It was a great practice activity. I used a different set with each grade level depending on what rhythm concept they are on. My fourth graders told me I needed to make one for each holiday, so I thought I would go ahead and start on a Thanksgiving set, Turkey Trot Rhythm Races.

For this set I have up to eight teams. Here are four sample cards from the set:

I also added three sets of Tempo Posters as a special request from someone who purchased my Dynamics Posters

They have six dynamic markings plus "fast" and "slow" which would be great for Kindergarten and Pre-K comparatives.

I hope those of you who are at MKMEA are enjoying your weekend and come back to your schools refreshed and with lots of new ideas. Make sure you share your great new ideas with your local OAKE chapters.

Want to win my Turkey Trot Rhythm Race: ta and titi for free?

Enter below:

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